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Eradication German Cockroach Parnell

Control of this pest cockroach in Auckland's warm climate can be difficult.

The reason?  They have an  interesting survival  mechanism to render your DIY efforts useless. The female carries behind it an Ootheca, which is a fancy name for a  "bag of babies". When she is stressed she flicks the Ootheca  away to safety and she persishes. So you feel so PROUD killing one cockroach with your can of  "fly spray", but you soon end up with lots babies roaches instead.  

Cockroach 30- you ONE!

At ACES we understand the lifecycle of the cockroach and use this knowledge against them. So if you have 10 or 10 thousand we can make sure you are cockroach FREE shortly after our treatment. 

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Your safety in mind....

  We tailor our treatments to your situation to increase the effectiveness, meaning we can use the least number of chemicals we can, to make it as safe as possible for you and your family. 

The chemcals we use are  LOW toxicity to you , your family and pets. But because we use research based companies who actually discovered the chemicals, they are effective!

Experience: We will send a technician around with 10+ years experience. 

Qualified: All our techs have a qualification in pest control, Protrains Urban Pest Management. 


Commercial Kitchen

Let's face it, commercial kitchens are busy places. Last you thing you need is to worry about a pest issue! 

We work around your time table. When service finishes we come in and do our thing. 

We offer service report that outlines a clear plan of action. The Auckland Council Inspectors ask that you have a clear plan for pest control and have taken all possible steps to ensure a high level of professionalism.

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