Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the frequently asked questions. These are the questions that you will have about what we do, what you do and what happens after a treatment. 

The short answer is YES! The pest controller has had a reputation of using dangerous chemicals.

NOT at ACES roaches! We use chemicals that are keyed up for roaches/insects only. They are considered safe for you, your family and pets.

This as they are classed as LOW toxicity to humans and their pets. We apply or treatments in a safe method too. 

NO. You need to cover or put away food. Please cover any pet fish and exclude pets for the treatment time.  Please leave everything where it is. If we need to move something we will do this on the day of treatment. 

Yes. You need to leave the house for two hours. The treatment takes us around 60 minutes depending the level of infestation and type of cockroach. 

The treatment (s) we use depends on the type of cockroach you have. Please rest assured that we use products that are keyed up to work only on the roaches/insects. Further we tailor the treatment to reduce the chemicals used making it even safer for you.

Depending on the type of cockroach and level of infestation, you should allow around a week to be cockroach free.

YES. We have treated 1000s of homes in Auckland, many with children and pregnant ladies. There has never been an issue or problem.

Before the treatment please ensure that food is covered or put away. Cover any pet fish. Put sleeping pillows under duvets. Please pull blinds up and curtains back. Take all items off window sills. DO NOT move the fridge or items in areas infested with cockroaches. DO NOT empty the panty.

Please stay away for two hours. When you come back in please wipe down the kitchen bench with a damp cloth. The dog or cat can come back in with you.

YES. We have the SILVER BULLET Guarantee. When something  seems impossible, that's when a "silver bullet" is needed. Rest assured our treatments are effective and backed by our Silver Bullet Guarantee.

YES.  ACES | roaches  has been certified and tested by the EPA. We also have a Science degree from Victoria University ( Wellington ) majoring in Entomology (all things bugs) . We have also passed an Audit by the Department of Labour.